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school for graduate examples thesis of. This it is which makes it so good to step aside now and again from the throng, in which we too may have to “wink and sweat,” so as to secure the gleeful pastime of turning our tiresome world for the nonce into an entertaining spectacle; amusing ourselves, not […]

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Catalogers were still graded regularly, however, although these might have been easily treated in a similar way. “What have you read?” I once asked one of these self-styled book-lovers. According to some MSS., indeed, all the possessions of a defaulter were forfeited, either to his heirs or to his feudal superior.[551] In a case occurring […]

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But the visible object, which covers from the eye any other visible object, must how to address your cover letter necessarily be seen under angles at least equally large as those under which that other object is seen. ‘At first,’ says the operator, ‘he could bear but very little sight, and the things he saw […]

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The glory which is acquired by foreign war is, upon this account, almost always more pure and more splendid than that which can be acquired in civil faction. We examine our persons limb by limb, and by placing ourselves before a looking-glass, or by some such expedient, endeavour as much as {101} possible, to view […]

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It seems a long time ago since some of the first events of the French Revolution; the prominent characters that figured then have been swept away and succeeded by others; yet I cannot say that this circumstance has in any way abated my hatred of tyranny, or reconciled my understanding to the fashionable doctrine of […]

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Many of these cases seem peculiarly adapted to the new inquisitorial system. But a savage, whose notions are guided altogether by wild nature and passion, waits for no other proof that a thing is the proper object of any sentiment, than that it excites it. A quiet survey of things, at once playful and reflective; […]

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On the one side there have been those who considered that moral judgment was an emotion, an intuition, or instinctive recognition of right or wrong, which implied no rational or intellectual process beyond that which is involved in registering or perceiving the fact. You are aware that there are many tribes there barely tinged with […]

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Extensive ruins remained for several years, which were taken down on the day of the coronation of George the Third and Queen Charlotte, with the exception of a small portion, now forming walls to two or three cottages. The objects of Touch always present themselves as pressing upon, or as resisting the particular part of […]