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If the densities of Jupiter and Saturn were the same with that of the Earth, the periodic times of their several Satellites would be shorter than by observation they are found to be. If such persons are thoroughly well educated they may enter the work in the higher grades or even as the heads of […]

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It seems a long time ago since some of the first events of the French Revolution; the prominent characters that figured then have been swept away and succeeded by others; yet I cannot say that this circumstance has in any way abated my hatred of tyranny, or reconciled my understanding to the fashionable doctrine of […]

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As our institution grows, one direction of growth and a corresponding set of conditions and needs comes into the foreground after another, and our basis of classification is apt to change accordingly. Nor again, the professors of these sciences in the other arts. Oh! Statement was made that all persons who might consider themselves wrongly […]

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It is as though men had no time to laugh. They were kept in the densest ignorance, for fear they should learn enough to doubt. Finally, there is a more exclusively intellectual pleasure in the process of analytical valuation of artistic production. As Darwin and others have pointed out, there is a series of gradations […]

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Bibliography websites online annotated editing best. Anyone who understands the notation in either case may reproduce the sounds. It was suggested, I believe, by the Abbe Brasseur (de Bourbourg). Of these, heat and cold were naturally enough regarded by those first enquirers into nature, as the active, moisture and dryness, as the passive qualities of […]

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To express best dissertation chapter writing sites gb relation in this manner did not require any effort of comparison. In most cases he avoids mentioning his own misfortune; and his company, if they are tolerably well bred, are careful to say nothing which can put him in mind of it. In the modifications of meaning […]

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What possible connection is there between this idea, and that of their being the boundaries of two lines of equal length? If they have been the causes of the satirical essays on drugs death of any person, neither the public, nor the relations of the slain, can be satisfied, unless they are put to death […]

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The name of the swing, after this, was enough to check him; but now even this was not necessary, and his seasons of excitement have from self restraint disappeared; and he is now, though an old incurable case, much more social than he was. It is common to call it an adjunct to the school, […]

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This has been charged against these languages as a lack of “differentiation.” Grammatically, this is so; but the same charge applies with almost equal force to the English language, where the same word may belong to any of four, five, even six parts of speech, dependent entirely on the connection in which it is used. […]