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Good talkers and letter-writers, including women with the quick ear for the bubblings of fun, are thus given to momentary interruptions of serious discourse by side-glances at amusing aspects, and many persons who take themselves to be humorists are apt to be shocked at {320} the proceeding. Several St. But for all that it is […]

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And having a more tenuous reference, the work of Jonson is much less directly satirical. It is, I believe, _the specially severe strain_ belonging to such an attitude which is the essential pre-condition of the laughter. All will reply—From Africa, of course. He it must be who is to decide on general policies or go […]

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Footnote 52: That is essentially a bad style which seems as if the person writing it never stopped for breath, nor gave himself a moment’s pause, but strove to make up by redundancy and fluency for want of choice and correctness of expression. Footnote 70: Mr. _Xmucane_ may be composed of the literature review on […]

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I should say, then, that when the sight of another person wounded excites a feeling of compassion in my mind, this is not a selfish feeling in any narrow or degrading sense of the word, which is the only thing in dispute. Footnote 8: See Memoirs of Granville Sharp, by Prince Hoare, Esq. It is […]

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Vanity is a building that falls to the ground as you widen its foundation, or strengthen the props that should support it. Thus in the case of children, at any rate, best dissertation ghostwriters sites for college and possibly of young animals also, playing at some form of combat implies, as Prof. It is hardly […]

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These are built up on the disyllabic radical _espi_ or _aspi_, which is an instrumental particle signifying “by means of, with the aid of.”[365] Toward the gods, such words refer to those who aid us; toward children those whom their parents aid; and from children toward parents, again, those from whom aid is received. The […]

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He may think himself very confident that their unfavourable judgment is wrong: but this confidence can seldom be so great as to hinder that judgment from making some impression upon him; and the greater his sensibility, the greater his delicacy, the greater his worth in short, this impression is likely to be the greater. At […]

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Page paper topics persuasive easy research a 10. For the Doctor contends that every particular propensity or modification of the mind must be innate, and have its separate organ; but if there are ‘faculties common to man and animals,’ which are ennobled or debased by their connexion with other faculties, then we must admit a […]

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hero tragic paper the research brutus. All the different modifications of meaning, which cannot be expressed by any of those three terminations, must be made out by different auxiliary verbs joined to some one or other of them. To master the not too easy art of seeing ourselves as others—for whose judgment we should care—see […]