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The nobler works of Statuary and Painting appear to us a sort of wonderful phenomena, differing in this respect from the wonderful phenomena of Nature, that they carry, as it were, their own explication along with them, and demonstrate, even to the eye, the way and manner in which they are produced. What is it […]

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But in fact he _imagines_ his continued approach to the fire till he falls into it; by his imagination he attributes to the fire a power to burn, he conceives of an ideal self endued with a power to feel, and by the force of imagination solely anticipates a repetition of the same sense of […]

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A missal of each kind was committed to the flames, and, to the great joy of all patriotic Castilians, the Gothic offices were unconsumed.[984] More satisfactory to the orthodox was the result of a similar ordeal during the efforts of St. Hence kings babble and repeat they know not what. Well, after all my questions, […]

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If those companions, however, have not both more discernment and more generosity than ordinary, though they may have some kindness for him, they have seldom much respect; and the warmth of their kindness is very seldom sufficient to compensate the coldness of their respect. The shears of the gardener, it may be said, indeed, are […]

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For instance, the pastor of a church must have a certain degree of confidence in the librarian’s good-will and ability to venture to recommend the purchase of a book; the librarian must have the same to be willing to entertain and act upon such a recommendation. We are, I think, most ready to laugh at […]

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Both the free and the attached column occur, and figure-carving was known, as a few weather-beaten relics testify. Symons’ book, we may find that our own impressions dissent from his. It is remarkable that the last interval of convalescence, commencing about five years ago, continued for more than three years, which I attribute to the […]

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William of York the blister disappeared. The temptation, to any man who is interested in ideas and primarily in literature, to put literature into the corner until he has cleaned up the whole country first, is almost irresistible. We must consequently wait for this knowledge of the precise shares contributed by the two factors, until […]

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He began at that early period to understand even the feeble perspective of Painting; and though at first he could not distinguish it from the strong perspective of Nature, yet he could not have been thus imposed upon by so imperfect an imitation, if the great principles of Vision had not beforehand been deeply impressed […]

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The Greek is no longer the awe-inspiring Belvedere of Winckelmann, Goethe, and Schopenhauer, the figure of which Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde offered us a slightly debased re-edition. Is it, think you, for the pain or the pleasure these things give? The best part of our lives we pass in counting on what is to […]

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This and other related points are to be settled, if at all, in the future by two kinds of mutual understandings; namely, between the governing boards of library and school and between librarian and teacher. There is a great deal, in the writing of poetry, which must be conscious and deliberate. This is certainly true […]