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Assuredly. Primitive man, said Herder, was like a baby; he wanted to say all at once. There is a brutality, a lack of sentiment, a polished surface, a handling of large bold designs in brilliant colours, which ought to attract about three thousand people in London and elsewhere. His folly and his wisdom are alike […]

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The glory which is acquired by foreign war is, upon this account, almost always more pure and more splendid than that which can be acquired in civil faction. We examine our persons limb by limb, and by placing ourselves before a looking-glass, or by some such expedient, endeavour as much as {101} possible, to view […]

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Possibly our education fails to develop it; possibly no system of education could develop it. The man who feels himself all-perfect, naturally enough despises all further improvement. Let us now take up more specifically moral badness as a cause for rejection. For some months we published a weekly newspaper of considerable interest. Perhaps in Shakespeare’s […]

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The agreeable passions of love and joy can satisfy and support the heart without any auxiliary pleasure. At night the Balams are awake and vigilant, and prevent many an accident from befalling the village, such as violent rains, tornadoes, and pestilential diseases. In another sense we are said not to do justice to our neighbour […]

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An uneasy sensation accompanies the one situation, and an agreeable one the other. Then the count declared the battle ended and adjudged the church to the abbey; the contestants acquiesced and signed the charter confirming its rights.[573] In Italy, however, the duel was fought to an end; if stopped by darkness the judge was instructed […]

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Sites business editing. As the actual uneasiness which appetite implies can only be excited by the irritable state of my own body, so neither can the desire of the correspondent gratification subsist in that intense degree which properly constitutes appetite, except when it tends to relieve that very same uneasiness by which it was excited. […]