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The chair which now stands at the farther end of the room, I am apt to imagine, appears to my eye as large as it did when it stood close by me, when it was seen under angles at least four times larger than those under which it is seen at present, and when it […]

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We may conjecture that the laughter provoked by tickling was reached in the evolution of our race soon after this reaction passed out of its primal and undifferentiated form as a general sign of pleasurable excitement, and began to be specialised as the expression of mental gaiety and of something like our hilarity. His sole […]

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But so it is, that there is a secret affinity, a _hankering_ after evil in the human mind, and that it takes a perverse, but a fortunate delight in mischief, since it is a never-failing source of satisfaction. That they are all subordinate to that state, and established only in subserviency to its prosperity and […]

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If the densities of Jupiter and Saturn were the same with that of the Earth, the periodic times of their several Satellites would be shorter than by observation they are found to be. If such persons are thoroughly well educated they may enter the work in the higher grades or even as the heads of […]

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In success and in disappointment, in prosperity and in adversity, before friends and before enemies, he has often been under the necessity of supporting this manhood. To suppose that the mechanical tendencies impressed on the muscles by any particular series of past objects can only require to be unfolded to produce regular and consistent action […]

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Sir Walter Scott gives the external imagery or homework ielts essay machinery of passion; Shakespear the soul; and Racine the moral or argument of it. Allen, who homework ielts essay was, with her children and an additional number of servants, then living altogether at that house. He was emphatically called the _Dinner-Bell_. These last had […]

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The cause of this, however, is not that self-love can never be the motive of a virtuous action, but that the benevolent principle appears in this particular case to want its due degree of strength, and to be altogether unsuitable to its object. The greater part of men, therefore, cannot find any great difficulty in […]

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Assuredly. Primitive man, said Herder, was like a baby; he wanted to say all at once. There is a brutality, a lack of sentiment, a polished surface, a handling of large bold designs in brilliant colours, which ought to attract about three thousand people in London and elsewhere. His folly and his wisdom are alike […]