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The nobler works of Statuary and Painting appear to us a sort of wonderful phenomena, differing in this respect from the wonderful phenomena of Nature, that they carry, as it were, their own explication along with them, and demonstrate, even to the eye, the way and manner in which they are produced. What is it […]

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Good talkers and letter-writers, including women with the quick ear for the bubblings of fun, are thus given to momentary interruptions of serious discourse by side-glances at amusing aspects, and many persons who take themselves to be humorists are apt to be shocked at {320} the proceeding. Several St. But for all that it is […]

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But in fact he _imagines_ his continued approach to the fire till he falls into it; by his imagination he attributes to the fire a power to burn, he conceives of an ideal self endued with a power to feel, and by the force of imagination solely anticipates a repetition of the same sense of […]

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When Talma, in the part of ?dipus, after the discovery of his misfortune, slowly raises his hands and joins them together over his head in an attitude of despair, I conceive it is because in the extremity of his anguish, and in the full sense of his ghastly and desolate situation, he feels a want […]

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And having a more tenuous reference, the work of Jonson is much less directly satirical. It is, I believe, _the specially severe strain_ belonging to such an attitude which is the essential pre-condition of the laughter. All will reply—From Africa, of course. He it must be who is to decide on general policies or go […]

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Essays hindi worksheets pdf great in 100. It only acts retrospectively. Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, 100 great essays worksheets pdf in hindi Tasting, and Touching. Suspicion of theft, murder, horse-stealing, embezzlement, and other similar offences was sufficient to consign the unfortunate accused to the tender mercies of the rack, the Scavenger’s Daughter,[1831] and the manacles, when […]

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Bad wishes, bad views, bad designs, might still be suspected: and while these excited the same indignation with bad conduct, while bad intentions were as much resented as bad actions, they would equally expose the person to punishment and resentment. _w_, a connective. He controlled the purposes of others, because he was strong in his […]

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Here we have the possibilities of trouble at once. That the tendency of virtue to promote, and of vice to disturb the order of society, when we consider it coolly and philosophically, reflects a very great beauty upon the one, and a very great deformity upon the other, cannot, as I have observed upon a […]