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The fiction drawn is of low order, and there is little else read. For C—— was riding the high German horse, and demonstrating the Categories of the Transcendental philosophy to the author of the Road to Ruin; who insisted on his knowledge of German, and German metaphysics, having read the _Critique of Pure Reason_ in […]

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And Arnold lacked the active resistance which is necessary to keep a mind at its sharpest. To which are added, Some Remarks on the Systems of Hartley and Helvetius. Here is an instance. The simplest form of this merriment, serving, as in the case of the child, as a bridge from joyous expansion under a […]

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When it has gone on so far that a contact is established with other human minds, this development takes a special turn that differentiates it from any training that the lower animals receive–that makes it a link in the education of the race. In the year-counts or winter-counts of the American tribes, the years were […]

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The variety of termination in the Greek and Latin, occasioned by their declensions and conjugations, gives a sweetness to their language altogether unknown to ours, and a variety unknown to any other modern language. The _gene_ introduced by an awkward situation,[277] the tendencies that make for loss of interest, for weariness, for a falling away […]

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Sometimes the attendants will be better suited for some specific cases at one house than at the other; and it may be injustice to other patients to change them, but great justice to change the patient on their account. The system of Ptolemy accounted for this, by supposing that the centres of the Epicycles of […]

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It was a maxim of feudal law that God alone could intervene between the lord and his villein—“Mes par notre usage n’a-il, entre toi et ton vilein, juge fors Deu”[1559]—the villein being by no means necessarily a serf; and another rule prohibited absolutely the villein from appealing from the judgment of his lord.[1560] Outside of […]

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No doubt men of mind caught in the snare have been ready to admit this; yet it may be questioned whether, when they set down their endurance of the boredom of the diner-out to the social ambition of their wives, they evade the laughter of the gods. The shout of contemptuous laughter seems to have […]

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The observations of Tycho Brahe demonstrated, that they ascended into the celestial regions, and were often higher than Venus or the Sun. Foreign travel especially makes men pedants, not artists. Man was made for action, and to promote by the exertion of his faculties such changes in the external circumstances both of himself and others, […]