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Services il palatine resume writing. Would that we had, to-day and here, realism like that of Turgenief in his “Memoirs of a Sportsman”–the detailed account of every-day happenings; the hardest thing in the world to write interestingly. Everyone of these queries throbs with the red blood of reality. When the house of the criminal should […]

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No nation has yet been discovered so uncivilized as to be altogether without them. civil, religious, scientific, political, artistic … And there seems to be an absurdity of the same kind in ornamenting a house after a quite different manner from that which custom and fashion have prescribed; though the new ornaments should in themselves […]

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Eighty thousand heretics remained obstinate until Sapor I. In older people matters may not be carried so far, though there are examples of the large shakings of laughter, notably that of Carlyle’s Teufelsdrockh, whose great laugh was one “not of the face and diaphragm only, but of the whole man from head to heel”; and […]

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In this work of conserving human laughter they will do well, while developing the thoughtfulness of the humorist, to keep in touch with the healthiest types of social laughter, the simple mirth of the people preserved in the _contes_ and the rest, and the enduring comedies. The concluding general observations on this Essay and its […]

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But though, in accounting for the operations of bodies, we never fail to distinguish in this manner the efficient from the final cause, in accounting for those of the mind we are very apt to confound these two different things with one another. Notwithstanding, however, all these seeming irregularities of sentiment, if man should unfortunately […]

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As we cannot indeed enter into the resentment of the sufferer, unless our heart beforehand disapproves the motives of the agent, and renounces all fellow-feeling with them; so upon this account the sense of demerit, as well as that of merit, seems to be a compounded sentiment, and to be made up of two distinct […]

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Identity on thesis theft. If this person had been carried to another river, would he not readily have called it a river? Scarce a word, scarce a gesture, can fall from him that is altogether neglected. And, in the same manner, they endeavoured to connect together most of the other tangible qualities of matter. by […]