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The poetic drama must have an emotional unity, let the emotion be whatever you like. When the Council of Constance, in its futile efforts at reformation, prepared an elaborate code of discipline, it proposed strenuous regulations to correct the all-pervading vice of simony. Is it to supply the necessities of nature? is the emotion of […]

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Kid answers funny. —– CHAP. This is probably the most ancient kind of statistical record and the one whose usefulness is most generally recognized. She would gladly starve herself to feed others; and always asserts, when a patient dies, “that they died for want of something to eat.” She used to practice this singular fancy, […]

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Medical format school essay. This would hardly agree with the prudery, and somewhat ostentatious claims of authorship. It is not the question at issue: we have other work on our hands, and enough to do. Racine (but let me not anticipate) would make him pour out three hundred verses of lamentation for his loss of […]

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If however the distinction above insisted on with respect to voluntary action be any thing more than a play of words without meaning, the whole of this feeling must be utterly false, and groundless. In the last century, George Psalmanazar framed a grammar of a fictitious language in Formosa, which had no existence whatever. In […]

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How can we be more of the people than we are to-day? From what I have collected, therefore, it would appear that the only resident Indians at the time of the discovery who showed any evidence of mound-building comparable to that found in the Ohio valley were the Chahta-Muskokees. ] [Illustration: FIG. and thus they […]

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_I came_, _you came_, _he_ or _it came_; in these phrases the event of having come is, in the first, affirmed of the speaker; in the second, of the person spoken to; in the third, of some other person or object. It was _the river_, he said, and he never heard any other name for […]

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We take rapturous possession with one sense, the eye; but the artist’s pencil acts as a nonconductor to the grosser desires. If it is of the best, why may we not love it, though it be to-morrow as flat as the sparkling wine without its gaseous brilliancy? Moreover, in its origin it was simply a […]

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I have chosen a series of unpromising names from the sacred books of the Quiches of Guatemala, and endeavored to ascertain their exact definition and original purport. It adds that the measure is from the point of the foot to the chest. One is by isolating the essential, by pointing out the most intense in […]

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Upon the theory of the Roman law, nobles and the learned professions had claimed immunity from torture, and the Roman law inspired too sincere a respect to permit a denial of the claim,[1656] yet the ingenuity of lawyers reduced the privilege to such narrow proportions that it was practically almost valueless. The regard for the […]

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The one must be done off-hand, at a single blow: the other can only be done by a repetition of blows, by having time to think and do better. One rock is political interference. I care little what any one says of me, particularly behind my back, and in the way of critical and analytical […]