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It is but a step from this recognition of the regrettableness of what amuses us to a discernment of what, in its turn, tones down the sadness of regret, of the fine threads which attach the laughable defect to elements of real worth. —– CHAP. Every generous spectator not only approves of his conduct when […]

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legend essay movie review am i. Here the transition appears clearly to be a kind of transference mediated i am legend movie review essay by the identity of the mental attitude with that of the laughter of an earlier stage, say at the sight of the new and entertaining baubles. Their ignorance, and confusion of […]

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I have known artists (for instance) of considerable merit, and a certain native rough strength and resolution of mind, who have been active and enterprising in their profession, but who never seemed to think of any works but those which they had in hand; they never spoke of a picture, or appeared to have seen […]

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Consideration of cases like these makes us wonder whether the smile is so much out of the way after all. Is your collection in this class small and poor? Children and savages have a wonderful faculty for believing in the reality of their illusions. One may, with Mr. Books, or no books, his educational development […]

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Thesis hurrah last. In one sense it is true of all existences whatever that they are the same with themselves, that is they are what they are and not something else. He had been instructed, by M?stlinus, in the system of Copernicus; and his first curiosity was, as he tells us, to find out, why […]

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Self-love, reason and sentiment, therefore, are the three different sources which have been assigned for the principle of approbation. It is the benevolent passions only which can exert themselves without any regard or attention to propriety, and yet retain something about them which is engaging. There is the true soul of woman breathing from what […]

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He is not only more unhappy in his own feelings than either the proud or the vain, but he is much more liable to every sort of ill-usage from other people. Felix of Nola, in the full expectation that the judgment of God would bring to light the truth as between them.[1174] Gregory the Great […]

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This would hardly agree with the prudery, and somewhat ostentatious claims of authorship. We may now refer to the first appearances of the tickling reflex in the child. 3.—SIGNS OF THE DAYS. President Eliot warned us two years ago that our books are piling up too fast. They only appear after sunset, and then in […]

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If we had no connexion with society, we should be altogether indifferent about either. What then is the cause of our aversion to his situation, and why should those who have been educated in the higher ranks of life, regard it as worse than death, to be reduced to live, even without labour, upon the […]

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As may be supposed, many superstitions cling around the animal world. Footnote 91: Those of the touch admit of the greatest variety in this respect from the general diffusion of that sense over the whole body, and those which depend on hearing from the small part of the ear which is in general distinctly affected […]